Earn $10 to $20 Per Day by Working With Free Online Typing Captcha Software

If you are being fed up to working on megatypers/protypers websites due to comes captcha slow. And you have almost decided to quit from this online typing jobs, then please watch below video. In this video, I have explained each and everything how you can download free multi typing captcha software, how you can work with 5 to 10 ids at a time instead of just 1 id, how you can type word 50 times faster than protypers websites and how exactly you can earn $10 to $20 daily by working with online typing captcha software.

Don’t Forget to Watch (Part 1)
Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing

Earn $10 to $20 Per Day by Working With Free Online Typing Captcha Software

Watch Video Tutorial

Multi Typing Captcha Software Click Here To Download

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  1. The software is working.but Credits are not crediting any account. need help

  2. @Shahina Banu

    I don't know. Why it's happening with you. Did you watch the complete video? If no! Please watch the complete video. I have shown live that everything is OK and really works. I have shown each and everything in my video. Also shown that credits are crediting correctly and accurately. Login your protypers account and check by yourself. If you need further help you can comment here.

    Thank You

  3. is this real??/

  4. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Yes its true. Try this.

  5. sir join hona chaheta hun kya meri help karo ge mobile number. 9506292320

  6. @ Mo.parwana Parwana

    You just have to watch video tutorial to join yourself.

  7. please where is the link to the captcha software

  8. @ Falaye Tosin

    You can check at the end of this post where you can the name like this "Free Download Online Typing Captcha Software"
    Click on this and the downloading will be started.

  9. Hi, can I open up to 5 accounts with 2captcha.com too?

  10. Yes you can!

  11. Thanks…

  12. You are very welcome.

  13. do you have latest version? it does not work anymore

  14. Its been expired on 15th December 2016. Hope, I can update a new version soon.

  15. how soon can you get it, i just saw this video moments ago and its sad that the software has expired

  16. Sorry, there is no such deadline on based I can tell you the exact time.

  17. sir plz help me .tell me another type of softwre or way to earn some by captcha plzzzzzzzz its request

  18. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Sure! You can visit 2captcha.com and register yourself there. It's another captcha typing software and since paying a year. You can download their official captcha typing software.

    Visit: 2captcha.com

  19. How to join. please let me know

  20. @Narasimhan M.N,

    You can join by watching video. No investment no registration fee nothing.

  21. sir give new updated softwre link

  22. @Cmlesh,

    I am really sorry. But still I have no updated software.

  23. sir wo version free aa gaya ha ke nai aap ne bataya ta ma bata donga wo aap ne aik video banai thi earn 10 to 20 per day

  24. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Mujhe tou nai mila free version us software ka abhi tak. Agar apke pass hai aur apko maloom hai tou kindly share with me. Ta ke main aik aur video tutorial bana ke upload kardon aur log us se faida utha sakain.

  25. Hey there! I watched your video and want to start working on it!! but to check here, people are asking for new version, so is it out now? so that I can start as others???

  26. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Yes it's been expired in the month of December 2016. Actually it was free to use now once paid software which is not possible for me to provide. I will try again to find the free one for you guys. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  27. Sir,
    Now is July 18, 2017 is this still exist? I am from the Philippiness can I join?

  28. Adil Muhammad Yousuf


    Yes! Everyone can join and earn money no matter which country you belong to.

  29. Hi,
    I want to do this Job
    Please Email Me about
    I will thankful to you.
    Nouma Malik

  30. Hi,
    This is Nouman Malik
    I'm interested in this job
    I want to do this job.
    Can you please Email me Details. I will be thankful to you.
    Here My Email
    noumanmalik634@gmail .com
    Phone Number Dubai:

  31. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Nouman Malick,

    I've shown everything through the video. Please watch and apply. Thank you for your comment.

  32. Adil Muhammad Yousuf

    Replied you already.

  33. sir there is a problem it says a new software has ben released, old version can’t be used anymore.. then what can i do now.. tell me please.

  34. @Adil Muhammad Yousuf
    please send me their link

  35. i download the software from your blog but this not working. in my laptop. need new verson of software send me link new version of software

  36. Hii.. I am Mahesh.. i am likely to do the job. Please anybody send me the link to download the software to do the work.

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