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Back in 2012, when I was not familiar with computer and internet field that how does it work. But slowly and gradually, I started to taking an interest in blogging and make money online due to no job for last 4 years. I was graduated from a reputable university and had done so many courses and diplomas in different fields in order to get a job. But despite this, I had been jobless. I had applied for many jobs but remained unsuccessful. Then I decided to go to the bookstore in order to buy some books in which included general knowledge, IQ test and most importantly interview Q&A books. But seems like all of my struggles being drained into the water because of no replying but when I got reply I failed.

A Day Came When I Could Hardly Afford Bus Fare

When I look back in my school life from where I learned to save pocket money. I daily spent 30% of my pocket money out of 100 and save the rest of the money for my future ambitions. With the passage of time, when I completed my university education till then I saved enough money to bear my basic expenses. I decided to take some responsibility on my shoulder. Therefore, I started to find a full-time job but remained jobless for over 4 years. I had given more than 100s of job interviews in my 4 years painful life but been failed to get a job. I remember that day when I found out I lost all of my savings traveling in buses and paying fees against getting a job. And a day came, when I could hardly afford bus fare.

A Day Came When I Could Hardly Afford Bus Fare

The Situation Which Broke Me Badly

Being a failure over and over again broke me down in front of people’s eye. Then I found myself in a dark room where nobody was there except me. Days, months and years were passing rapidly and I was standing on the same stage of life, nothing changed in my life for many years. At that time, peoples started to insult me and call me a loser. This type of situation broke me badly and mentally. I feel like that my life has stopped working, nobody was with me, I felt like completely alone. But I never stopped myself to moving forward because I was hope that one day life will be changed.


The Turning Point In My Life

A few years later, finally happiness knocked on my door and I got a job offer through one of my friend’s reference in the field of IT (Information Technology). That was a turning point in my life to gain extensive knowledge about online earning. Some of you guys thinking that how did I gain knowledge while in IT field. Let me explain you, my job duty was basically in the data center where I got so much free times, so I decided to utilize my time through research about online earning. The journey was so tough and painful when I started to research about online earning. Because I got scammed on crap websites several times. Therefore, I lost so much money and trust as well. After spending several days in front of computer, I found a legit way to make myself busy with online typing jobs and clicking ads websites in mid of 2012. Within a few months, I earned good money online by simple typing captcha codes at home.

The Turning Point in my Life

I Kept Myself Moving Forward One Step Ahead

A year later, I quit home typing jobs and PTC (Paid to Click) because I was fed up to do the same thing over and over again. I wanted to do something unique does make any sense. At that moment, I started to improve myself by learning on the internet. Therefore, I spent days and nights to read several articles, learn coding skills, graphic designing, improve writing skills and made my keyword research strong according to SEO. By doing all this, I created several BLOG/SITE in the past, but none of them worked for me till 2015. At that moment, I made a decision to give up and quit everything.

Got An Idea

A few months ago, I was looking for a job on the internet, surfing several job sites to drop my CV or resume there. Surprisingly, I got an idea about creating a BLOG/SITE on “Jobs In Dubai” niche. The reason behind to create a blog was, the way I was applying for the job on different websites one day people come in the same way to apply for the job through my website. Such deep thought, self-confidence, creative ideas and consistent hard working lead me towards success.

Got an Idea

To be honest, my life was so difficult and painful when I started to build my blogs while doing a full time job. It took me many years to understand that how basically things work. The fact is there is no shortcut in life to become rich overnight. Success always comes late to those who patience and success don’t come to those who don’t patience. And yes, I am not successful, therefore my life is still not getting easier. But I am on the way to success. If you think you are still fail, just look into the mirror and ask yourself what can you do for yourself that make sense.

Who Am I?

By profession, I am a part time blogger, internet marketer and a former freelancer. I never call myself a successful blogger because blogging and knowledge have no boundary. I started to research on the internet about online earning at the age of 22 due to jobless. The reason behind to create a blog is to help jobless needy peoples. At the end, I define myself in front of you guys that who I am so please stop calling me HR Manager or Recruiter. In other words, I am just a multi-tasking person. Peoples hire me, I do not hire them.

Adil is a Blogger, Digital Marketer and a Freelancer
My Name is Adil Muhammad Yousuf and This is my Story

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A Message To My Readers

Falling down and standing up is part of life. A winner never regrets from past mistakes whereas he/she learns from his/her mistakes as a lesson and change lifestyle by taking an action. Be a hard worker and make yourself a smart worker. Be optimistic, never give up no matter what.

Never tried try to do something to do it. Because, if you try to do something you have at least a word “hope” that one day hope may turn into reality. But if you consider yourself a failure before implement anything you don’t have a word “hope”.

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***Thank You for Your Precious Time!***

Last updated on
September 2016


  1. I have subscribed for free cv template. Pls mail it.

  2. Hi, impressed to see ur story. Bro i am m.com. close to ur story. I m in uae. Searching job. But fail. Can u plz do help in this regard.

    • @Sadaqat

      Thank you for your appreciation in this regard. Please visit our Facebook page as well where you can find lots ofcut pieces of newspaper job ads. Our Facebook page has associated with this blog site so you can easily find it.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I like to know about any availability of part time jobs in cleaning,kitchen stewarding or waiter jobs in dubai.

    Please let me know Sir.


  4. Am looking job in Web Development field. But am unable to find job opportunities for me.
    can u please help me. And i stay in india.i have dream of working in abroad companies.

    • @bibi ayesha

      If you want to apply from outside the UAE then there might be no chance to get response by the employer. Because the time has almost gone when your salary, local cost of living, visa, flight ticket, and other expenses were confirmed from overseas job offer. Now you have to visit.


      Above case study based on detailed research will let you know each and everything. What to do, how to do and when to do. And you will also get answer of your question. Take a look, I am sure you will not waste your single minute even you will learn a lot new thing for sure.

      But there is no guarantee you will find job. It depends on your hard work, experience, skills set and luck.

      • Thankyou mr. For wonderful suggestion.. i read your commen patiently.. now i plan to go to dubai directly and apply direct to hotel i like to work.. godblessyou & more power..

        • @Anne

          Thank you for your kind appreciation and feedback. Hope you have read the whole story where I have clearly mentioned about myself that who I am. I wish you a best of luck. May God bless you with everything you desire.

          • my name is usman i am from pakistan at the moment i am in dubai on visit visa of 3 months 2 months done 30 days left damn no reply from any where i have 6 years of experience in sales of uae……. no one replies even 2000dhms job is not being offered too me all shit … im sick now its hard now …. if u have links u can get job but with out links all crape…..disgusting

          • Good day sir

            i went to Business bay today for the interview i was told it is only for those that have UAE experience, please sir is there any other work in interview for waitress (Any Nationality).

  5. pls am still in Nigeria, I lost my job a few weeks ago I have 4kids and the eldest is about to start tertiary school ,no job no money,pls help with company that can help me to Dubai with visa and ticket… am 41yrs,strong can do any work except drug and armed robbery.

  6. Dear Adil bahi
    i just reached Dubai on visit visa .for searching job in HR / Admin.. please u help me in this

    • @ayesha

      Here you should apply in ENOC of HR Executive. Please remove space in order to open the link correctly. As well as you can visit Facebook page where we have updated today’s job ad in the field of HR.

      https:// ebsdmz .enoc .com/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/irc/candidateSelfService/webui/VisVacDispPG&OAHP=IRC_EXT_SITE_VISITOR_APPL&OASF=IRC_VIS_VAC_DISPLAY&akRegionApplicationId=821&transactionid=343335729&retainAM=N&addBreadCrumb=RP&p_svid=25157&p_spid=1226021

  7. Hi iam searching a job. I have been 2 years experienced on sales but i want to try otherjob also…

  8. Thank you for wonderful story. Am also looking for a job in IT support or any related fields.

  9. I m looking an MEP/HVAC Engineer job in UAE. Please tell me any interview is there for me or not?

  10. sir iam haider ples packing job vacanci

  11. hirenvaland94@gmail .com

  12. hi i was very much impressed for your strong determination towards life iam searching for hospitality jobs in dubai can you please help to find out.

  13. Hello sir.
    Thanks for providing good job opportunities.my name is akshay . I am have completed my degree in M.Sc food technology. I searching a job in UAE country. If have any job vacancy is there please sir inform me.
    My email id – akshayraj848@gmail .com

  14. Hello sir,
    I am SEO expert, having experience of 4 years, can get job in dubai. please help me..


  15. Hi am a Nigeria I need a job in Dubai can you get me one. I will appricate it thanks.

  16. Hi!

    I am hopeful. Looking for a career in UAE an Executive Assistant cum Administration for the last 10+ years I am 46 in age but very active please can you help me out in finding a job please.

  17. Dear mr adil how are you dear am finding a job in HSE field in airport line or air line please tell me if in your view
    some job this regarding which i mention

    i shall be great full to you

    best regard malik shawal

  18. Assalamu Alaikum sir.My daughter is looking for job in any bank in Dubaii.She is going to complete her graduation (Bcom) in April 2018.So sir please help her to get suitable job in Dubai.

  19. Hi sir Iam Benoni looking for a job in Dubai I completed my diploma in hotel management having seven years of experience India and abroad and iahm holding valid uae driving licience iam intersted in working at airport, hotels or any sales job .
    If you find any job relevant to my profile please help me out
    Thank you

  20. Mr.Adil I am searching for a job in specifically premises of Dubai can you help me out in this .I live in Pakistan and I am a Graduate .Waiting for your relpy.

  21. i need job i have for yesrs uae experience having uae driving license automatic

  22. Sir,
    Very much excited after reading your life story infact verymuch inspirred too.I would like to know more about this field also.
    Once I had the same idea to develop something likethis for my home city.And somewhere in between i dropped that .Now again i think i’m back to theright track after reading your story.Hope you will help me out.
    And Sir,Rightnow am @Dubai and searching for a job here..I am an MBA(HR)graduate with one year working experience as HR Coordinator in India.Could you please help me to find job in HR profile?

  23. Hi,
    I need petrol pump attendant job in dubai or any gulf country.
    If there is any vacancy pls share I am ready to join on immediate basis.
    Name-Ansar Shaikh
    Contcat- +91-8857090919/7972695939
    Mail ID- itsmeonline@live .com

  24. sir ,
    I m so worried to take my future,i have no job yet , i have 5 year experience in data entry at multinational company .its part time job ,Now i m graduate so i find somthing better for my future .plz help ….

    Mailing Address:
    138 Middle Paikpara, Old Bou Bazar, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216
    Mobile: 01824214544
    E-mail: rajet.elahi@gmail .com


    Achieving a dynamic and challenging job in an institution where I can use my interpersonal skills, creativity and above all my learning experience in order to develop my career and as well as to contribute in the welfare of the institution.

    Assalamualikum. My name is Ashek Elahi Noor. I am a Dental Surgeon. I have completed my BDS degree from Sapporo Dental College & Hospital under Dhaka University in 2007. After completing my internee from this institution, I have joined as a lecturer in the dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in 2009. After then in 2012, I have completed my post graduation degree MPH (HP& HE) from NIPSOM under BSMMU. Then in 2013, I have been transferred from the dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to Dental Public Health as a Lecturer to December 2016. Now I have been promoted as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Dental Public Health in Sapporo Dental College & Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh from January 2017 to till date.I also want to mention that, during my working time in this institution- I have performed several free Dental campaign & survey programme . I also mention that, I have perform a Oral health check up & tooth brushing instruction programme in Sapporo Dental College & Hospital along with collaboration with different govt. & private Dental College under supervision of JICA & Bangladesh Govt. during 2011-2013.


    I have acquired skilled and experience in Surgical tooth extraction, dental cyst enucleation, tissue taken for biopsy, apical curettage, Intra maxillary fixation (IMF), dental arch wiring, esthetical and functional prosthesis like cap, bridge, partial denture, complete denture, Root canal treatment , filling, patients consultation and counseling.

    At the end, I want to say with your kind consideration, may I be a part of your dept. as well as your institution and oblige thereby.

    Date: 13/01/2018
    Dr. Ashek Elahi Noor

  26. Hi,

    I m currently in Dubai looking for job.

    I do have exposure in

    – guest relation
    – customer service
    – Front office and admin

  27. Sir, I have read about you. Please help me for online jobs (Work at home) like typing/data entry works. I have researched on this on so many websites but I was fed up and frustrated as too many are fraudulent. So kindly help me out.

    • @Mohamed Imthiyas

      Have you checked the internal links in the content you read? If no! Please check there there are some internal link there in which each and every details are given.

  28. Hi,
    I am looking for a job in(Dubai) restaurants having 15 years of experience in same field 3 year’s in India and 12 years in Kuwait I am interested in working costumer relevant job.
    If you find any job please help me out
    Thank you….

  29. You are doing Good work , its very useful for job finders of all UAE people , also who’s are suffering in UAE visit visa for looking jobs its a great platform for them , please continue this help forever , allah will give rewards to u. thank you.

  30. sir please sent me CV Format …..mehultomar07@gmail .com

  31. ir i want to drive a cv plz help me in templates.

  32. i need to job cashier, saleman

  33. Hi Adil,I’m in Dubai and almost finished 3months visa please I’m in search of job please kindly help me with the available waitress receptionist or sales lady job available.

  34. I’m very appreciat to your this humanity social service thanks for making this website.
    I am electrician technician would you like to share any suitable job for me thank you

  35. Hi Sir,

    Please let me know if there are any walk-ins for chef jobs in Dubai.

  36. Hello aadil , I worked as a hindi prt teacher, in Saudi Arabia. ..Indian embassy school. Now we r in dubai. I have pg degree in psychology and pg diploma in guidance and counselling. My husband is facing same cetuaiton like you. Since past 2yrs. I want to use my degree as my profession but I do not have experience. …..pls. guide me. …thank you.

  37. Admin i just get a chance to read all of your story similar to me. Well i am quite impressed because giving up over thing is not a solution cribbing and cursing will terribly broke you inside out. one last thing a Message to Job seekers ” Work hard until you no longer able to introduce yourself”. Patience is key to success the best quality of time is it pass by weather its good or bad so be patience don’t lose hope…

    Wish You All The Luck !! to all who striving hard to find a place somewhere.

  38. your story inspires me. fabulous. i hv been lookingfor job in dubai.

  39. Hello.. thanks for all.
    Am ananny here in dubai for three years am searching for bus nanny job in a school.Thanks Sir



      If you want job living in your country the you should take a look at least once on my case study which I have written based on detailed research. “Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail To Find Jobs In Dubai” please write this keyword on search bar and an article will be in front of you.

  41. Sir,

    Can i have one back office resume

  42. ADIL sir, I Need a JOB in DUBAI as an OFFICE ASSISTANT if there is any free visa possible then plz help me

  43. Dear Sir,
    I’m looking for cashier Job in Westzone and I’m in visit visa and I have only 30 days, please let me know if there is vacancy.

  44. Hi Adil,

    I am a bilingual commando officer instructor. I have communication skills in English and Arabic. Also I have a complete grip in providing Qur’aanic references. I am a keen student of Islamic teachings. I have an experience in civil life in the fields of Administration, HR management and Security. I am an expert hand in day to day computer skills with good speed in using computers. I am a willing worker and have unmatched loyalty towards the organization that I work with. I am 51 years seasoned Pakistani male. I am searching for a good job that matches with my expertise and aptitude. I expect a positive cooperation from your side as I have read about you that you too have passed a very hard time. Thanks and regards

  45. Dear Sir,
    Greetings for the day!
    I have 27 Years of experience (India / Abroad including 5 years in Gulf Countries ) in the Finance, Accounts & Taxation Sector and now I am aged 59 years. My Career Summary as follows.
    Senior Management position (India & Abroad) in Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation, (Direct & Indirect Taxes viz. Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT, GST, etc.) Budgeting, Banking, MIS and Financial Management and Control with Engineering, Procurement and Construction Industry for more than 16 Years, Hotel & Travel Industry for 2 Years, Manufacturing & Trading Industry for 3 Years and Firm of Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, & Company Secretarial Auditors for 6 Years.
    I am presnently working in Abudhabi, UAE and would like to relocate immediately. (Serving Notice Period; present Company shifting its Business operations from UAE to Australia).
    I need your valuable suggestions.
    Best Regards.

  46. Hi Adil

    My self Umakanta Itani form Nepal, i am doing recruitment form Nepal.
    i am intrested working with you on mutual benefits basis, if you have Nepali worekrs requirements please drop me mail.

  47. i have subscribed please could you send me chiller electrical technician and ac electrical technician cv

  48. Please send me ur email im looking for a driving job and need early recruitement

  49. Great man.. doing great job for job seekers.. allah helps to you anytime.. insha allaah..

    Jazaakkallahu khairan kaseera…

  50. Hi sir I am searching for job I have 2 years experience in desktop support in india now i am in abu dhabi now iam working computer operator i want change my job i need desktop support jobs if any walkins

    • Hi sir I am searching for job I have 2 years experience in desktop support in india now i am in abu dhabi now iam working computer operator i want change my job i need desktop support jobs if any walkins

  51. Dear Adil,
    Learned your complete story and felt proud of you.
    Pls see my profile for Sales, Marketing & Business Development posts.

    www. linkedin. com/in/muhammad-shahid-82b27445/

    My Visit is expiring on 7th March and I’ll leave earlier. Later I can come on new visit. Texting you precise detail of my profile on LinkedIn. Contact any time bro.

  52. Hello Sir,

    I need the CV template Please. My email is verified and I already receive alerts. email is jidd32@gmail. com

  53. Sir,
    Please provide me your free CV Templates and Formats. I didn’t received yet.

  54. Hello Adil,

    Am a 5 year experienced ticketing and travel consultant/ agent holding sales, marketing and managerial positions with knowlde using GDS systems like Amadeus, Galileo currently in Uganda, am ready to sponsor my travel to Dubai for any walk interview. a taxi driver job can too work for me as an option.

    Thanks for the help you offer. surely appreciate MOBILE +256701461056 tomcrush.trvl@gmail .com


  56. Hi I am dilan ,i srilankan now im @dubai , i have experience 2 in vehicle sales and maintaine field . And i have experience in hotel field f&b as a waiter , cashier ,supervisor .i haven ‘t experience in gulf country but i have experience in home country .i think i have good communication skills , customer handling and many more please help me find a job in dubai. I am on visit visa.0581832996

    • @Dilan kavinda

      Here you can apply for cashier jobs. Please remember that tomorrow will be the day of walk in interview. Here you can find further details https://www.dubaivacancy.ae/al-adil-trading-walk-in-interviews

      • Hello Adil

        Good evening!!!

        1st of all appreciated your support for job hunting. Currently I am working in money exchange company since 3 years in Abudhabi. I have other GCC experiences in same field as well. Now our company ownership going to change and temporarily suspended the operations. Now our HR informed to look for other good opportunity. So I would like to request, if there is any openings of bank teller, exchange cashier/marketing officer I will be glad to touch you and I am ready to join immediately.

        • @Suk Bhawan Pariyar

          Thank you so much for your appreciation and Sorry to hear about the company you are in. If there will be any vacancy, I will inbox you for sure until you can consider our Facebook page where we update newspaper ads daily. FB PAGE: fb. com/walkininterviewindubai/ make sure you remove space from link before browsing.

  57. Hello MR. Adil, i kindly request you to send me yo watsapp no. on mine 0581633425 and yo email on adamlugwana@gmail .com please Sir. Thank you.

  58. Hi sir
    I am a well educated person and I have U.A.E driving license number 3 I am a good drive my experience is 3 years plzzzzzzz my what’s number 00923149187562
    My email.adnankhanjan44@gmail. com

  59. Good evening Mr Adil..
    How is life? Am so sorry to bother.
    please I need your help…I really need a job,waitress or kitsch help. I have UAE experience. Please do reply.
    Thank you.

    • @faith chison

      Going good. Thank you for asking. Here you can forward your CV careers@royalcontinentalhotels. com
      make sure you remove space from email before applying.

  60. hie Adil

    i am a young lady am looking for a job as an assistant teacher ,i am a holder of Bachelor in Education majr in lower elementary,Please can you help me

  61. Assalamualaikjm Adil,

    Hope you are doing good. Looking for a position in hospitality sector like hotels or airlines in Front desk /hr /Admin .. Can hou pls help me to find a job suitable .. Appreciate your help and advice.

  62. am a well educated person and I have Ugandan driving license I am a good driver with experience of 7 years, speak fluent English. A taxi driver job will work for me. pleeeease am waiting on your responce

  63. hello sir, i am danish parwez i am from india i have complete my diploma in electronics and communication and i hava also complete my graduation in electronic and communication .sir any job for me..

  64. Dear Adil

    you really are doing a fantastic job single-handedly. i have been looking your LinkedIn and following you for some time. I am Qazi Kaleem from Karachi, Pakistan, Masters in IT.
    I am searching for a job as System Administrator / Engineer – IT in UAE but no luck. Can you please help me out.
    kaleem_pkpk@yahoo. com

  65. Most respectively
    I submitted my resume clearly about me I need driving job sales man vacancy I having 6 years experience
    in Dubai manual licence 3 number my visa is cancellation process
    Thanks regards

  66. Hello Sir,

    My name is Azhar, I am in Dubai on visit visa, looking for a job in Sales and Customer services or technical support services as i have a bachelor degree in Information and technology in which I have 3 years experience as well , can you please help me to find out the job or suggest me something.

  67. Dear sir
    I am a deploma in pharmacist in SriLanka. I have more than 10yrs experience In retailing and maintaining stock level and customer service. Now I’m living in Sharjah on visit visa. How can I find my job.

  68. Dear Friend

    i have a vast school experience can u help me getting in a good job

  69. muhammad inzamam ul haq


    I live in Azad Kashmir .I want salesman job in Dubai .Plz help me & am already continue job in Dubai based brand (MARINA HOME .furniture brand) I want move in Dubai…and I growing up in life . Plz help me.
    contect no#+923490582051

  70. My name is Azhar, I have 4years 4 months in dubai(s software)&4 years experience in india as accountant (tally), looking for a job in Accouts /finance related posts. i have a bachelor degree in commerce.i have more than 4 years experience in sap software in which I have 3 years experience as well , can you please help me to find out the job or suggest me something.

  71. My name is shakir I have 4years 4 months in dubai(s software)&4 years experience in india as accountant (tally), looking for a job in Accouts /finance related posts. i have a bachelor degree in commerce.i have more than 4 years experience in sap software in which I have 3 years experience as well , can you please help me to find out the job or suggest me something.Now iam working in western international group -dubai

  72. Hi sir
    I am interested in working from home.will be very grateful to you if you can help me .
    Waiting for a positive reply from you .

  73. Hello, Brother I just read your full story and it is indeed extremely motivational as well as inspirational. I stand currently at a place you were in 2015. This is my 4th visit to Dubai on a 3 months visa each. I completed my education in 2015 and it’s been 3 years now im still struggling for a job. I’m sitting in a balcony in Dubai at sunset and reading your story really moves me. It brings a tear in my eyes. I’m literally crying right now while typing the comment. The reason for writing this is.. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes how our actions can change someone’s way of thinking and vision just like you did to me right now. Thanks for sharing your story this shows how pure your soul is. Wishing you all the good luck, and may god bless you.😊

    • @Aamir

      Thank you so much brother for taking time to read my story. It means a lot to me. Everything happens for a reason. In my view, pain and tough time is blessed by ALLAH which makes us stronger than yesterday and I had promised myself to never let myself sleep hungry no matter what so I invented job for myself and at the end, I found my passion 🙂 . Today I am self made, who is a investor and running a small offline business.

      I wish you all the very best for your future. May ALLAH bless you and fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success. AMEEN.

  74. Hi brother i am looking for Finance and Accounts Officer job , more than 7 Year experiences in UAE , i completed in MBA Finance

  75. I am at Dubai, on visit visa. I am looking for a Job of 4000 AED pm. To view my work profile, pls visit my website gondwana.co.in

    My email id is pkt.dubai@gmail .com My Mobile/What’s App No 058 1129 263

    • @Pradeep K Trivedi

      We don’t have enough time to visit and collect data. Even we visited but your website has a technical issue. Would please specify your job field here?

  76. Hi…
    THe ads are genuine but you are mentioning the salary 3-4 times more than what it is mention in newspaper and dubizzle. So if you want to help the needy person then please post original ads or same.

    • @Bhisan

      Actually mention salary range on dubbizle often wrong. You should check the content as well written on this website where we clearly mentioned “Salary Range Not Confirm”.

  77. Vinutha Dhanashekar

    Hello Mr. Adil,

    I have 8 yrs of experience both in the medical field as a medical transcriptionist as well as HR executive. I am residing in Dubai on visit visa, my spouse visa is under process. My recent experience in Dubai is in Al Zahra Hospital as a medical transcriptionist. I would be willing to work in any suitable position. Kindly help me through this.


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