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Back in 2012, when I was not familiar with computer and internet field that how does it work. But slowly and gradually, I started to taking an interest in blogging and make money online due to no job for last 4 years. I was graduated from a reputable university and had done so many courses and diplomas in different fields in order to get a job. But despite this, I had been jobless. I had applied for many jobs but been unsuccessful. Then I decided to go to the bookstore in order to buy some books in which included general knowledge, IQ test and most importantly interview Q&A books. But seems like all of my struggles being drained into the water because of no replying but when I got reply I failed.

A Day Came When I Could Hardly Afford Bus Fare

When I look back in my school life from where I learned to save pocket money. I daily spent 30% of my pocket money out of 100 and save the rest of the money for my future ambitions. With the passage of time, when I completed my university education till then I saved enough money to bear my basic expenses. I decided to take some responsibility on my shoulder. Therefore, I started to find a full-time job but been jobless for over 4 years. I had given more than 100s of job interviews in my 4 years painful life but been failed to get a job. I remember that day when I found out I lost all of my savings traveling in buses and paying fees against getting a job. And a day came, when I could hardly afford bus fare.


The Situation Which Broke me Badly

Being a failure over and over again broke me down in front of people’s eye. Then I found myself in a dark room where nobody was there except me. Days, months and years were passing rapidly and I was standing on the same stairs and the floor, nothing changed in my life for many years. At that time, peoples started to insult me and call me a loser. This type of situation broke me badly and mentally. I feel like that my life has stopped working, nobody was with me, I felt like completely alone. But I never stopped myself to moving forward because I was hope that one day life will be changed.

The Turning Point in my Life

A few years later, finally happiness knocked on my door and I got a job offer through one of my friend’s reference in the field of IT (Information Technology). That was a turning point in my life to gain extensive knowledge about online earning. Some of you guys thinking that how did I gain knowledge while in IT field. Let me explain you, my job duty was basically in the data center where I got so much free times, so I decided to utilize my time through research about online earning. The journey was so tough and painful when I started to research about online earning. Because I got scammed on crap websites several times. Therefore, I lost so much money and trust as well. After spending several days in front of computer, I found a legit way to make myself busy with online typing jobs and clicking ads websites in mid of 2012. Within a few months, I earned good money online by simple typing captcha codes at home.

I Kept Myself Moving Forward One Step Ahead

A year later, I quit home typing jobs and PTC (Paid to Click) because I was fed up to do the same thing over and over again. I wanted to do something unique does make any sense. At that moment, I started to improve myself by learning on the internet. Therefore, I spent days and nights to read several articles, learn coding skills, graphic designing, improve writing skills and made my keyword research strong according to SEO. By doing all this, I created several BLOG/SITE in the past, but none of them worked for me till 2015. At that moment, I made a decision to give up and quit everything.

Got an Idea

A few months ago, I was looking for a job on the internet, surfing several job sites to drop my CV or resume there. Surprisingly, I got an idea about creating a BLOG/SITE on “Jobs In Dubai” niche. The reason behind to create a blog was, the way I was applying for the job on different websites one day people come in the same way to apply for the job through my website. Such deep thought, self-confidence, creative ideas and consistent hard working lead me towards success.

Keep Moving Forward


To be honest, my life was so difficult and painful when I started to build my blogs while doing a full time job. It took me many years to understand that how basically things work. The fact is there is no shortcut in life to become rich overnight. Success always comes late to those who patience and success don’t come to those who don’t patience. And yes, I am not successful, therefore my life is still not getting easier. But I am on the way to success. If you think you are still fail, just look into the mirror and ask yourself what can you do for yourself that make sense.

Who am I?

Adil is a Blogger, Digital Marketer and a Freelancer
Adil Muhammad Yousuf is a passionate blogger, internet marketer and a freelancer

By profession, now I am a part time blogger, internet marketer and a former freelancer. I never call myself a successful blogger because blogging and knowledge have no boundary. I started to research on the internet about online earning at the age of 22 due to jobless. The reason behind to create a blog is to help jobless needy peoples. At the end, I define myself in front of you guys that who I am so please stop calling me HR Manager or Recruiter. In other words, I am just a multi-tasking person. Peoples hire me, I do not hire them.

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A Message to My Readers:

Falling down and standing up is part of life. A winner never regrets from his past mistakes. However, he learns from his mistakes and change his lifestyle by taking an action. Be a hard worker and make yourself a smart worker. Be optimistic, never give up no matter what.

Never tried try to do something to do it. Because, if you try to do something you have at least a word “hope” that one day hope may turn into reality. But if you consider yourself a failure before implement anything you don’t have a word “hope”.

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  1. I have subscribed for free cv template. Pls mail it.

  2. Hi, impressed to see ur story. Bro i am m.com. close to ur story. I m in uae. Searching job. But fail. Can u plz do help in this regard.

    • @Sadaqat

      Thank you for your appreciation in this regard. Please visit our Facebook page as well where you can find lots ofcut pieces of newspaper job ads. Our Facebook page has associated with this blog site so you can easily find it.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I like to know about any availability of part time jobs in cleaning,kitchen stewarding or waiter jobs in dubai.

    Please let me know Sir.


  4. Am looking job in Web Development field. But am unable to find job opportunities for me.
    can u please help me. And i stay in india.i have dream of working in abroad companies.

    • @bibi ayesha

      If you want to apply from outside the UAE then there might be no chance to get response by the employer. Because the time has almost gone when your salary, local cost of living, visa, flight ticket, and other expenses were confirmed from overseas job offer. Now you have to visit.


      Above case study based on detailed research will let you know each and everything. What to do, how to do and when to do. And you will also get answer of your question. Take a look, I am sure you will not waste your single minute even you will learn a lot new thing for sure.

      But there is no guarantee you will find job. It depends on your hard work, experience, skills set and luck.

      • Thankyou mr. For wonderful suggestion.. i read your commen patiently.. now i plan to go to dubai directly and apply direct to hotel i like to work.. godblessyou & more power..

        • @Anne

          Thank you for your kind appreciation and feedback. Hope you have read the whole story where I have clearly mentioned about myself that who I am. I wish you a best of luck. May God bless you with everything you desire.

  5. pls am still in Nigeria, I lost my job a few weeks ago I have 4kids and the eldest is about to start tertiary school ,no job no money,pls help with company that can help me to Dubai with visa and ticket… am 41yrs,strong can do any work except drug and armed robbery.

  6. Dear Adil bahi
    i just reached Dubai on visit visa .for searching job in HR / Admin.. please u help me in this

    • @ayesha

      Here you should apply in ENOC of HR Executive. Please remove space in order to open the link correctly. As well as you can visit Facebook page where we have updated today’s job ad in the field of HR.

      https:// ebsdmz .enoc .com/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/irc/candidateSelfService/webui/VisVacDispPG&OAHP=IRC_EXT_SITE_VISITOR_APPL&OASF=IRC_VIS_VAC_DISPLAY&akRegionApplicationId=821&transactionid=343335729&retainAM=N&addBreadCrumb=RP&p_svid=25157&p_spid=1226021

  7. Hi iam searching a job. I have been 2 years experienced on sales but i want to try otherjob also…

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