1500+ Jobs in Abu Dhabi 2024: Discover Multiple Vacancies

Every year, thousands of job opportunities are announced in Abu Dhabi for professionals as well as newbies. If you have also been looking for Jobs in Abu Dhabi 2024 then you have visited the right place this time because you will explore a big number of such opportunities where you can apply and you can try your luck. Once you start your career in any field, you may not feel good to change it if you are satisfied enough. Therefore, it is important to be very keen at the time of choosing your career.

Latest Jobs in Abu Dhabi: New Openings

Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Below you will find the best opportunities after you will have very attractive pay scales and other facilities. If you want to live and work in Abu Dhabi then you should not miss the chance. Make an attractive CV to apply for all the relevant jobs where you think that you can be selected. And in case you are not that familiar to make an Eye-Catching Resume this piece of content may help you to stand out. Here one can learn How to make a perfect CV.

Even if you have already been doing a job anywhere, you must apply because you should always keep on seeking more and more, better and better. If you find these job vacancies in Abu Dhabi better than your existing job then what’s wrong to replace them? Why not invest your time and energy in such a platform that can pay you higher? All the best!

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  1. Nagy Ibrahim adly gad

    I’m interested for the job

  2. Dear Hiring Manager,
    I am the Senior HSE Officer you need at your company. I have the training and experience to ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

    I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce, I attended an awareness course and I have earned my NEBOSH INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE, IOSH, OSHA Diploma in Aviation Safety-Level 4 (UK). I can take care of the safety issues within your company allowing you time to concentrate on other important issues.
    I have more than 7 years of working experience with Construction of Hamad International Airport Qatar both Landside and Airside.

    I have extensive knowledge of all the local, state and federal laws pertaining to the health and safety for employees. I have the training to inspect the facility and conduct audits to look for health hazards, so I have the ability to point out safety violations or concerns.

    I will assess the safety risks found, report the issue and recommend a solution to correct the problems. This way, you can take care of them immediately before they become a major issue. I will create and implement procedures and policies to help make the workplace safer and then follow up to enforce these rules.

    I can train employees on how to avoid accidents and how to recognize a potential health and safety issue so they will be more aware of their surroundings. I can set up and execute drills to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly and that everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of an accident.

    I stay updated on all the latest news and information that is relevant to this position, so I can pass this information on to the company and its employees. In the event of an accident or emergence, I will respond quickly and efficiently to investigate to find the cause of the problem and correct it immediately.

    Sajid Ali
    HSE Coordinator/Senior HSE Officer
    Contact No:

    • Dear Sajid Ali,

      We appreciate your extensive expertise in HSE and your dedication to ensuring a safe workplace. For relevant HSE positions in our listings, please visit DubaiVacancy.ae. Your qualifications and experience align perfectly with roles available. Best wishes for your job search!

      Warm regards,
      DubaiVacancy.ae Team

  3. i am live in Pakistan i have 10 yers experience in pharmacy store so i need a job

    • Hello Ameet Kumar,

      The job market in Dubai is currently highly competitive. Getting a job while residing outside the UAE was possible before but has become significantly challenging now. If you decide to travel to the UAE, please note that there are risks involved in getting a job and you have to travel to UAE at your own risk, and you will need to find a job that aligns with your application. This is the reality, and there are no falsehoods involved.

      Best of luck!

  4. Punjab amritsar

    • Hello Atish,

      We appreciate your interest. Our platform offers various job opportunities in Dubai. Please specify your preferred job field or explore our site to discover suitable positions in your area of expertise. Feel free to browse through and find roles that match your skills.

      Best of luck with your job search!