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How To Report a Fake Job Ad?

Posting fake job advertisements has become the most common practice done by recruitment agencies or employers. They charge interview conducting fees back to back and never recruit them in return. Therefore, we need your strong support to let us know the real face behind such an ad you’ve ever seen on the web. Because it’s almost impossible for us to figure out whether the following job ad is real or fake. We can’t be aware of everyone. Therefore, it’s a humble request for you to please report such job ads in the following email given.

What is wrong with this job offer?

You are requested to give us a valid reason. Some of the following are…

  1. I do not like it
  2. It is Spam
  3. It is Offensive
  4. The Phone Number is Wrong
  5. An Email Address is Wrong
  6. Not a Job offer
  7. This offer is a Scam
  8. Not related to UAE

Later, give us 12 hours straight to take them down from This quick response can be done except Friday & Sunday. However, Friday & Sunday would take longer for taking appropriate action. So please be patient.

Important Note: We will send you a confirmation email in case your report ad gets approved.

Feel free to report us via email with mentioning proper subject lines. We would love to hear from you.

Subject: Please specify “Ad Report” in the subject of email.
Our Response Timing: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM (UTC+4 Time-Zone)
Our Quick Response Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
Send Us to:

Best Regards, Team

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