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A Quick Overview of DubaiVacancy.ae - Jobs in Dubai 2024

Welcome to DubaiVacancy.ae: Your ultimate destination for top-notch job opportunities in Dubai and beyond. Experience a seamless, user-friendly platform where you can explore a diverse range of career options made to match your goals. Join us today and unlock the door to your dream job.

We are not recruiter: DubaiVacancy.ae is the UAE's top notch job search website for finding jobs in Dubai. This brilliant and meritorious platform was officially launched way back in 2017 by Adil (the founder of DubaiVacancy.ae) and is currently being operated by him and his key members. This website is neither a recruiter itself nor associated with any recruitment agencies. For more details, one can read the entire story of how it started and the aims behind it. Please read the rest of the about page.

What are we about? We bring top-class walk in interview jobs, top organization jobs, UAE newspaper jobs, government jobs, hotel jobs, aviation jobs, banking jobs, supermarket jobs, hospital jobs, and other vacancies from valid sources to serve you better. We are implementing significant changes in our website interface design to better serve the community than yesterday. Our main focus is to provide you with various types of vacancies, making it easy for you to access all kinds of job opportunities in one place throughout the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I need a job. Can you please help me out?

We highly appreciate your kind interest in DubaiVacancy.ae, UAE's top notch job search website. Please note that DubaiVacancy.ae only serves as a platform for job seekers and employers to meet their requirements. However, you can join us as a Team Member and can remotely work with us comfortably at your own home or anywhere you want. For more details, you can go through our Team Members page where you can check the availability of jobs and whether the position is vacant or filled.

Are you an employer?

Like we said above, we only serve you as a platform. DubaiVacancy.ae is neither an employer nor associated with any recruitment agency. For more details, you can go through our About and Terms Of Service page.

How can I create a new account on DubaiVacancy.ae?

No. You can't create an account.

How can I upload my CV?

No. You can't upload your CV either.

How can I apply for a job?

We built our website extremely user-friendly. Therefore, it's quite simple steps you will have to take to forward your CV by accessing DubaiVacancy.ae. All you need to do is to click on the job title for which you want to apply. There you will find the employer's details e.g, "Email Addresses", "Contacts" and as well as "Locations" as per the availability of jobs. Where one can drop off a resume or give them a phone call. Please note that we do not store your CV or any sort of information. However, it is directly sent to the employer.

Is there any option to search for jobs in a specific city?

Fortunately, yes you can. On the DubaiVacancy.ae home page scroll down to "Jobs by Cities" and then select the desired city that you are interested in.

How can I search for a job related to my interest with a single click?

In order to search for jobs related to your interest and location, you can use our search bar which is located at the top right corner of the website. Or on the home page scroll down to the Jobs by Profession then select the profession that you are interested in.

How can I report a fake job ad?

Yes, you can report a fake job ad by following the instruction given in the link.

How can I download an App on my Android or iPhone mobile?

We are working on it at the moment. However, you will get notified soon once it is done.