Tuesday, October 3, 2023

How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month? Personal Case Study

There are lots of misconceptions behind finding jobs in Dubai. And it is totally unclear for many yet. Therefore, today I am going to reveal my own personal experience with you about How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month. And I will not call it luck because success is not a matter of luck so many times.

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How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month?

How I Found a Job in Dubai Within a Month My Personal Case Study

If your mind stays focused all the time and you are highly desperate to value your time every bit of it. Then it will help you to grow faster than beyond your imagination.

It was the same case, I learned, gained knowledge, and grew faster which helped me to land at the table of an interviewer. Now the question raised here, is how I did and succeeded to get a job despite knowing the fact of rising unemployment.

That’s my personal advice. You should never apply for a job in your home country because you will never get a reply for sure. It’s a matter of fact and there is no lie behind it. Yes, you read that right! If you are doing the same, stop doing this right away because you are just wasting your valuable time. I know there are an extensive number of job seekers already in Dubai and working hard to find a job but they are also failing over and over again. Some of them are due to a lack of knowledge and rest without having a degree and experience. And of course, gender and nationality discrimination is the main problem here.

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What basically I did. I kept my eyes on every walk-in interview advertisement and attended them full of my strengths and confidence which were relevant to my job field. I failed in interviews back to back but eventually, I succeeded in getting a job because of having a similar degree, core knowledge, and the number of experiences I had.

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I will strongly advise you not to go to Dubai if you are not prepared well for the right path which I have already shared with you above in detail.

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  Now some of you still must be wondering how I succeeded in finding a job in Dubai within a month back in 2019 and now you would tell me that you are doing the exact same thing but you are failing to get a job one after another. So let me make sure that there are 100 factors behind which might be considered during an interview by the interviewer. But I have revealed the most powerful way I adopted it.

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Undoubtedly, Filipinos and Indians are the most demanded nationalities in the UAE when it comes to hiring as we are all aware of this fact. Therefore, almost every company hires them. But being a Pakistani, it’s way difficult to find a job here. But I succeeded Alhumdulillah. I wish you the very best of luck for your future! 🙂

The content is based on a true story written by Azlan – An accountant.

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