Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai 2024

Everybody has a dream of finding work and living in Dubai. Many people come to Dubai on a visit visa to try their luck, but most of them fail to secure jobs in Dubai due to a lack of knowledge and preparation. Finding a good job in Dubai without a college degree has become crucial for everyone, whether they are a job seeker in the UAE on a visit visa or trying from their home country.

After conducting in-depth research, I have written a comprehensive study detailing the Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail to Find Jobs in Dubai in 2024. This case study, based on thorough research, will help you understand the most common and critical mistakes that may be preventing you from getting the job you desire.

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Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai: Case Study

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai

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Complete Guide on Why People Fail To Find Jobs in Dubai:

By following the comprehensive guide below, you can avoid the worst and most common mistakes that may lead you from finding your dream job in Dubai.

Applying For a Job From Outside The UAE:

The Dubai job market has become increasingly competitive compared to last year. Applying for a job from outside the UAE is one of the worst decisions job seekers can make in today’s landscape. The era when overseas job offers came with confirmed salaries, local cost of living, visas, flight tickets, and other expenses is nearly gone. Over the period of time, the recruitment process has evolved significantly due to intense competition.

If you are determined to find a job in Dubai, your best bet is to be residing in the UAE on a visit visa to maximize your chances of landing a position. Given Dubai’s highly competitive job market, thousands of prospective job seekers patiently wait for the opportunity to live in Dubai, attend face-to-face job interviews, and present their strengths and weaknesses in person. This raised the question: why should an employer hire someone from outside the UAE? This could be a significant factor contributing to the challenge of not securing a job in Dubai.

Choosing the Wrong Time to Visit Dubai:

The most common reason for failure is choosing the wrong time to visit Dubai. I would strongly advise against visiting Dubai during certain months, including March (Ramadan), April (Eid Al-Fitr), June, (Eid Al-Adha), and December (Christmas/New Year) if you’re seeking employment. During these events, the hiring process tends to be less active, so it’s best to avoid traveling to Dubai at these times. For job seekers, the ideal months to visit Dubai are February, July, August, September, October, and November. These months offer a better chance of finding a job in Dubai.

Unfocused and Boring Resume/CV:

An unprepared and dull CV format most likely won’t land you your dream job. In fact, an unfocused and poorly structured CV can often lead to your CV being disregarded by potential employers. These types of uninteresting CVs can ultimately force employers to reject your application and consider the next deserving candidate. Whether you are seeking full-time or part-time employment in Dubai, having a well-crafted resume and cover letter is essential to help you stand out from the crowd. This could also be another reason for failure in finding a job in Dubai.

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Consider Applying Online Only:

One of the most common mistakes made by job seekers is relying solely on one method: submitting their CV online. Based on my observations and personal experience, many applicants limit themselves to just one approach or a single source. They select or memorize 3-4 or 6-8 job hunting websites and send out their CVs daily, hoping for interview calls. However, when nothing happen, they complain. Some blame the websites, some blame their luck, and others give up altogether.

I strongly recommend that you broaden your approach by creating profiles on different social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, both of which are powerful tools for job searching. Neglecting these options could also contribute to the challenge of finding a job in Dubai.

Dropping Off a Resume in the Hands of HR vs. Sending by Email:

Many job seekers are unaware of the significance of personally delivering their resume into the hands of HR. In their minds, the two methods may seem similar, or they may not even distinguish between them. Job advertisements typically result in the submission of hundreds of CVs via email, which can create confusion and questions about how to identify the most deserving candidate from the pool of CVs.

However, when you take the initiative to hand-deliver your resume to HR, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself directly to the recruiting manager. This is a memorable moment that sets you apart from other candidates.

Job Seekers are Unaware of the Power of Social Media:

The significance of social media and its importance for job seekers cannot be underestimated. Social media serves as a vital bridge connecting employers and potential employees. Research indicates that 92% of recruitment firms utilize social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking sites. However, Facebook is also a valuable resource, albeit less frequently used compared to LinkedIn.

Here’s some quick advice for young job seekers who might not fully recognize the potential of these job search tools known as LinkedIn and Facebook.

My advice is to create comprehensive profiles on both LinkedIn and Facebook, providing all the necessary information. Join active pages, groups, and discussions related to jobs and careers. Believe me, You will be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact it can have on your job search and career prospects. If you have not explored these platforms yet, this could potentially be another reason you haven’t found the job you desire.

Lack of Preparation in a Job Interview:

Insufficient interview preparation can cause you to miss out on what you rightfully deserve. There are several factors that can leave employers feeling disappointed, including a lack of knowledge about the field you are interviewing for, a lack of understanding about their organization, limited eye contact, and insufficient confidence, among others. Through research and learning, you can equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to present yourself as the most qualified candidate for the job. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly prepare yourself before attending an interview.

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Job Seekers Who Apply for the Wrong Position:

The most common reason for failure is applying for the wrong position. Often, when job ads offer attractive salary packages, accommodation, visa expenses, flight tickets, and other allowances, then job seekers just fall in love with the perks and benefits without knowing the required skills, qualifications, and experience. They send out their CVs blindly. It’s a human error or a part of human nature, whatever you call it, but it’s an undeniable reality that won’t lead you to an interview.

However, sooner or later this blunder will make you realize that you have chosen the wrong job to apply for. This typically occurs when job seekers are impressed by the salary package and when job seekers are frustrated by unemployment.

Have No Job Reference in the Resume:

A reference, often referred to as PR (public relations) or a source, plays a significant role in securing a job in Dubai over time. Some companies continue to operate without advertising their job openings in newspapers or on online job portals. Instead, they select candidates for specific positions based on references. In the current job market, the lack of a strong professional network can be highly frustrating for many job seekers. Therefore, it is essential to focus on improving the quality of your references.

Become Victims of Recruitment Agencies:

When your job search feels hopeless and you are close enough to giving up. At that moment, you may begin to approach recruitment agencies to find a job in Dubai. What do most agents do? They make false promises, engage in fraud, scams, and sometimes even abuse, all after taking recruitment fees. I would strongly advise you, from the bottom of my heart, to seek out legitimate employment agencies that are licensed and approved by the government.

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Finally, the article comes to an end. It was indeed a time-consuming task, with a significant investment in research and writing. However, your continued love and support, along with the questions raised, encouraged me to write this post, and I have done so with utmost dedication. My valuable advice to young people (newbies) who may be unaware of the challenges of job hunting in Dubai is to apply the top 10 reasons for failure mentioned above in your career.

If you can avoid the common mistakes listed above, believe me, you can turn failure into success. Before concluding this blog post, I humbly request all readers to please share this article as much as possible so that others can also benefit from this knowledge. Because your support, no matter how small, strengthens me each day. Best wishes, stay positive, stay blessed, everyone, and hopefully, you can turn your career around. Cheers!

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